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Department 56 Dickens Village Series

Inspired by Victorian England and Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, the Dickens Village series offers a collection of buildings and figurines with authentic architecture and traditions from a bygone era. From charming rural cottages and houses, to the fashionable townhouses and shops of Bond Street, it's no wonder this one of the most popular series.

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Department 56 A Jolly Good Tune

These street musicians look to be having a jolly old time, and would look great just outside one of the many pubs in London.

Department 56 Arabella's Millinery

Arabella's is an upscale boutique of fashionable ladies hats, and announces itself as the 'Hat maker to the Queen'. Part of the Dickens Village series by Department 56, now available in the UK.

Department 56 C.D. Boz Ink & Pen Co.

With writing instruments increasingly popular in Victorian England, C.D. Boz Ink & Pen Co. is an appropriate addition to your village display. Part of the Bond Street Shoppes sub grouping in Dickens Village.

Department 56 Camden Coffee House

This Camden Coffee House is a must for any Dickens Village display. Building details include attachable coffee sign, coffee grounders ready for more coffee and green coloured woodwork.

Department 56 Chelsea Market Tea Monger

We'll have a cuppa or two. This tea market monger has arrived just in time for afternoon tea. Dressed in fine custom attire, our shopkeeper offers fine teas from decorated urns.

Department 56 Dickens Carollers

In the Victorian times is was a common sight to see carollers stand on the street corner and entertain passers-by.

Department 56 Dickens Village Anniversary Gazebo

In honour of the Department 56 40th year anniversary, Dickens Village artist Barb Lund has created this stunning anniversary gazebo.

Department 56 Gazing Ball Reflections

This child is mesmerised by her own reflection in the red gazing ball.

Department 56 Lily Bros. Gazing Balls

The history of the gazing ball can be traced back to Italy in the 13th century, but only became a popular fixture of gardens during the Victorian era. Department 56 recreate this popular and prosperous business with the introduction of Lily Bros. Gazing Balls.

Department 56 Long Live The Queen

Our proprietor shows a newly engraved platter to a gentile admirer.

Department 56 Miss Lavender's Soaps & Sachets

When in need of fine cleansing soaps, be sure to stop at Miss Lavender's Soaps. Building details include a flower press on the left side and wooden crates outside filled with soaps.

Department 56 Oast House Hop Harvest

This delightful couple are busy preparing freshly harvested hops ready for drying at the hop house.

Department 56 Olde Bramling Oast House

The unique architectural construction of an oast house allows harvested hops to dry fully before being sent to the breweries.

Department 56 Olde Vine Cottage

This Olde Vine Cottage is small and cozy, yet packed with charm. It seems this quaint home was skilfully crafted of solid materials to withstand centuries.

Department 56 Punch and Judy Theatre & Accessory Set

Department 56 invite you to celebrate the historical tradition of Punch and Judy. Punch and his wife Judy would perform a sequence of short scenes, designed to act out in comical fashion much to the amusement of child and adults.

Department 56 Rossetti & His Muse

Well known British artist Dante Rossetti has inspired this finely detailed accessory of the artist working at his craft. The ever present muse is a model featured in many of his paintings.

Department 56 Scent Of The Day

Is it rose, lavender or chamomile? Sample the latest creations by Miss Lavender at this stall. Design is hand painted and hand cast with details including small stall with sachets, and a finely dressed woman choosing different samples.

Department 56 Snowball Fun

After a recent snowfall, these two children are aiming snowballs at each other. The girl hides behind the lamp pillar, whilst the boy misses and hits the pillar leaving a trail of snow.

Department 56 St. Clive's In The Dell

Churches are a great way to start a Dickens village display, and can easily be displayed alone at any time of the year. Department 56 village artist Barb Lund is always looking out for new and interesting details she spies while studying historic buildings or photographs.

Department 56 Strawberry Cottage + Accessory Set

Strawberry Cottage is quaint and full of character. Each year the nearby strawberry fields provide a bountiful harvest. As part of this special value set we also include the Sweet Pickings coordinating accessory to complete your scene.

Department 56 The Hansom Cab Co.

Prior to motorized vehicles, besides walking, horse and carriage was the main mode of transportation around the busy streets of London.

Department 56 The London Gallery

The London Gallery is perfectly suited to showcase fine Pre-Raphaelite art by such masters as Millais, Hunt, and Rossetti. But one doesnât need to have an art history background to appreciate this gallery.

Department 56 The Merry Fir Advent Wreaths

Although advent wreaths were not prevalent in Dickens' era, the practice of lighting advent candles grew more popular in the 1900's.

Department 56 The Swan & Trumpet

Built in towns and along the carriage roads of the country side, pubs offered a welcome respite to travelers with refreshment, food and overnight lodging. Thus, an English pub makes the perfect Christmas Gift.