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Department 56 Haunted Rails

Since it's introduction in 2007, the Haunted Rails line originally designed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Snow Village Halloween series, has been going strong ever since and shows no sign of stopping. Designed entirely by veteran Department 56 village artist Scott Enter, this unique and detailed collection draws on his fascination of decaying and rusty old trains, rail yards and associated buildings.

A unique feature of the series is the Haunted Rails cars which can be added one at time all linking into the central Haunted Rails engine. Each rail car features signature lighting and details all building into an incredible centrepiece for the Haunted Rails collection. We can't wait to see the next railcar addition!

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Department 56 Creepy Clown Car

These clowns have taken it upon themselves to join the Halloween fun as they are working hard to escape from the circus train that has just pulled into town.

Department 56 Haunted Rails CaBOOse

No train is complete without appropriate accommodation, unfortunately it looks like this CaBoose is only geared for spooks and ghouls!

Department 56 Haunted Rails Crossing Sign

Watch out for the oncoming trains, if you can see them. Do you believe in ghost trains?

Department 56 Haunted Rails Curved Track - Set of 2

Made from hand painted and hand cast porcelain, check out the fallen leaves and stones that lay across the tracks.

Department 56 Haunted Rails Engine

Central to the Haunted Rails series is the engine car which connects and lights up additional train cars from the back.

Department 56 Haunted Rails Straight Track - Set of 2

To add realism to the Haunted Rails train, use these tracks to simulate a place to settle the train engine and the various cars introduced in this series.

Department 56 Pie In The Face Escape

We may just of guessed that a clown would use a pie as a weapon to stop the conductor from preventing his escape.

Department 56 Rats! There Goes my Grain!

This poor zombie is losing more than his mind as he loses a sack of grain from his wheelbarrow, which is bound for the next train out.

Department 56 Replacement Lightning Bulb Set

These replacement bulbs will provide the lightning effects used in several Halloween village pieces.

Department 56 Scary Ghost Hauler

The newest business on the line, âGhost Hunters, Inc.❠will assist in any removal of pesky ghost you have!

Department 56 Toxic Waste Car

This particular ominous train car carries toxic waste, and a creepy skeleton covered in the slimy material is climbing out of the car.