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Department 56 North Pole Series

Welcome to the North Pole Series where everyone has holiday spirit and the magic of childhood fancy becomes real. Here, with Santa and Mrs Claus, elves and reindeer, is a whole enchanted kingdom where the snow never melts and Christmas never ends. This village series introduced in 1990 is a collection of brightly coloured buildings, whimsical accessories and magical elves. While the elves make and test toys, run deliveries and prepare Santa's sleigh, the reindeer practice their flying skills. This enchanting village offers so much to see and do, and the scenes you create from this collection become enduring symbols of Christmas spirit while bringing Christmas dreams alive for the young and those young at heart.

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Department 56 A Bloomin' Merry Xmas

We couldn't agree more! A bloomin' Merry Xmas indeed.

Department 56 Baby Doll Boutique

The Baby Doll Boutique stocks and produces all kinds of dolls for the young and the young at heart.

Department 56 Blanket of Fresh Fallen Snow

Your display will be off to a great start with this large snow blanket. At over 1.5 metres long and 60 cm wide, this snow blanket will provide ample coverage for a small to medium sized village display.

Department 56 Check and Double Check

Is everything going to the right place, are the naughty and nice lists up to date? Better check and make sure!

Department 56 Christmas Toys on Schedule

The station porter is ready with his luggage cart to get the next train out on schedule.

Department 56 Coca Cola Bottle Cap Ride

What could be more fun than sledging on a Coca Cola bottle cap?

Department 56 Coca Cola Bottle Caps

At the North Pole, this very unique factory specializes in producing Coca Cola bottle caps.

Department 56 Countdown to Christmas

How many days till Christmas? This working village accessory will tell you down to the second!

Department 56 Cowboy Kids

Giddy-up! Two lucky elves are testing new toys from the Hobby Horse Barn.

Department 56 Fisher-Price Fun Factory

This fun building incorporates some of the most recognisable brightly coloured Fisher-Price® toys, including a xylophone out front, rock-a-stack rings and much more.

Department 56 Fisher-Price Lil Farmer

This little elf is testing another one of the Fisher-Price® classic toys, the Barn. Remember how the barn door mooed when you opened it?

Department 56 Fisher-Price Pull Toy Factory

This new North Pole Village factory highlights the production of the Snoopy Dog and Doodle Duck from Fisher-Price® toys.

Department 56 Fisher-Price Toys

The Rock-A-Stack and the chatter phone are two of Fisher-Price's® best loved toys. These elf children are lucky enough to test them out for Santa.

Department 56 Follow The Leader

A cute little elf is testing a new pull toy fresh off the production line from the factory.

Department 56 Fresh Fallen Snow Bag

Create a winter wonderland with a bag of fresh fallen snow from Department 56.

Department 56 Gumdrop Lit Tree

Add this glistening gumdrop laden tree to your display. Definitely a unique accessory featuring lit gumdrops at the end of each branch.

Department 56 Gumdrop Park Archway

Add to your gumdrop theme with this vibrant archway. Place this accessory in front of your favourite lighted house or use as part of a wider gumdrop accessory collection.

Department 56 Gumdrop Park Bench

Give your villagers the option to relax when visiting Gumdrop Park on this themed bench. Details include four gumdrops supporting the main bench.

Department 56 Gumdrop Park Curved Road - Set of 2

Follow the gumdrop road to the right or the left! Use to create roads and pathways in your winter village display. Ideal for creating a whimsical and magical North Pole winter wonderland scene.

Department 56 Gumdrop Park Sign

Let visitors know they have entered your Gumdrop Park village with this fun sign. The sign continues the gumdrop theme perfectly with vibrant glittered sweets and a hanging sign.

Department 56 Gumdrop Park Straight Road - Set of 2

Follow the gumdrop road straight ahead! This set of two straight road pieces conveniently slot together using the grooves provided.

Department 56 Gumdrop Park Street Lights - Set of 2

These fun street lamps will light up your winter and candy inspired landscape. These are versatile accessories and can be used in any village series.

Department 56 Hobby Horse Barn

Christmas wish lists may have changed over the years, but it's nice to know if you want an old fashioned hobby horse it's still available at the Hobby Horse barn. Part of the North Pole village series by Department 56.

Department 56 Holiday Special - Jolly Fellows Accessory Set of 3

This special holiday set of 3 accessories is a must for any North Pole display.

Department 56 Hot Chocolate Tower

Keep Santa's workforce happy this winter with mugs of hot chocolate. Only 15 cents a mug, yummy!

Department 56 I Break For Cocoa

Sit back and relax, with steaming hot cocoa after a busy morning working.

Department 56 Jingle and Jangle's Bells

Here's where all those jingle bells are made, and you can be assured there is never a moment of quiet here as it's jingle all the way!

Department 56 Large Acrylic Ice Cubes - Set of 4

This set of 4 large ice cubes, allows you to add icy elements to your display.

Department 56 Letters To Santa, North Pole

Even the elf children write letters to Santa, no special treatment for them! Add this special edition figurine to your North Pole village.

Department 56 Medium Snow Base Platform

Use this versatile medium snow base platform for a variety of festive applications including village displays, Christmas figurines and more!

Department 56 Mini Acrylic Ice Cubes - Set of 12

Create an icy landscape with no melting, ever!

Department 56 Misty Point Platform

Create an extra special display effect to your winter village, with the misty point display platform.

Department 56 North Pole New Year's Eve Centre

On the 31st December, beneath the official clock tower of the North Pole, flashing lights help count the seconds leading up to the stroke of midnight. Happy New Year!

Department 56 North Pole, Sidewalk Streets

An elegant vendor in top hat stands ready to serve the fine chocolates from his cart.

Department 56 Northern Lights Depot

This grand train station is worthy of welcoming the most prestigious guests to the North Pole.

Department 56 Off Season Santa

Santa takes a moment to install a larger post box, preparing for the rush of special requests due to arrive at the North Pole.

Department 56 Peppermint Bench

Line your streets and park areas with these vibrant peppermint benches.

Department 56 Peppermint Bridge

Build your village display around this bridge to create a focal point.

Department 56 Peppermint Gate

Mark the official entrance to your North Pole village with this peppermint lane gate.

Department 56 Peppermint Gazebo

This fun and bright gazebo includes dangling peppermints between the arches, and a green frosted snowy roof.

Department 56 Peppermint Lit Bare Branch Tree

Bring magical peppermint light to your winter village scene with this lit bare branch tree.

Department 56 Peppermint Lit Sisal Trees - Set of 2

Extend the peppermint theme with this set of two lit sisal trees.

Department 56 Peppermint Luminaries - Set of 2

Light up your streets and Christmas lanes with these fun peppermint luminaries.

Department 56 Peppermint Mailbox

This hand painted accessory features a peppermint swirl on top, whimsical elf shaped shoes at the base and a brightly coloured mailbox.

Department 56 Peppermint Steps

Use these peppermint ceramic steps to provide walk-ups to your display levels.

Department 56 Peppermint Table & Chairs - Set of 3

Provide ample seating in your village display with this set of 3 pieces.

Department 56 Peppermint Topiaries - Set of 2

Finish your display off with this set of 2 stylish topiaries.

Department 56 Peppermint Walls - Set of 2

Made from hand cast and hand painted ceramic, these bright and fun peppermint swirled walls can be used to section areas of your display or surround your favourite lights building.

Department 56 Polar Plunge Warming House

After a bracing dip in polar ice waters, get toasty warm at the Polar Plunge Warming House.

Department 56 Real Artificial Tree Factory

Imagine a place where Christmas Trees are made with as many variations as your can think of. Well it's right here at the North Pole real artificial tree factory!

Department 56 Ring-A-Ling Bling

Each jingle bell produced at Jingle and Jangle's Bells must be tested before it goes out!

Department 56 Ringing In The New Year

With party hats and noise makers, a dapper Santa escorts an elegant Mrs Claus to the New Year's Eve Celebration!

Department 56 Santa's Getaway Set

Everyone needs a place to recharge including Santa! And this is it, Santa's secret getaway cabin.

Department 56 Santa's Hot Cocoa Café

Is there anything more Christmassy than enjoying hot chocolate at Santa's Hot Cocoa Café?

Department 56 Santa's North Pole Office

With so many presents to deliver each year, it's all coordinated from here - Santa's North Pole Office.

Department 56 Santa's North Pole Workshop

At the very top of the world, the dazzling lights of Santa's workshop dance through the darkness directing everyone at the North Pole to Santaâs creative hub.

Department 56 Santa's Polar Plunge

Santa's about to make a big splash into polar waters!

Department 56 Sew Perfect

This styling elfette is hard at work getting every detail on this brand new doll's outfit so perfect.

Department 56 Small Acrylic Ice Cubes - Set of 6

This set of 6 small ice cubes allows you to add icy elements to your village display.

Department 56 Small Snow Base Platform

Use this versatile small snow base platform for a variety of festive applications including village displays, Christmas figurines and more!

Department 56 Snowflake's Snow Cone Shop

Our North Pole elves love everything cold and frosty including snow cones.

Department 56 Snuffles Luv-A-Hug Centre

For a warm hug this winter head to the Snuffles luv-a-hug centre in downtown North Pole.

Department 56 String of Gumdrop Lights

A string of ten LED lights covered with sparkling acrylic gumdrop shapes can be strung onto trees, fences or the edge of the roof.

Department 56 The Happy Gnome Pub

After a long day of building toys, Santa's elves have the perfect place to kick back and enjoy a mug of root beer!

Department 56 Toot-Toot Tester

Even Santa gets into testing the toys! Here he checks out the train pull toy, one of the first designed and manufactured by Fisher-Price® over 60 years ago.