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Department 56 The Simpsons™ Village

Exploding into a cultural phenomenon in 1990's, The Simpsons remains as one of the most recognisable entertainment shows.
Now you can recreate the excitement and daily life of The Simpsons this Christmas. Ay caramba!

The Simpsons™ © 2019 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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Department 56 Ay Caramba

Bart's on the trip of a lifetime as Santa's Little Helper chases Snowball, Ay Caramba!

Department 56 Hathy Holiday

Accident prone Ralph Wiggum has got his tongue stuck on the Springfield welcome sign!

Department 56 Kwik-E-Mart

One of the most featured buildings in The Simpsons™ series, the Kwik-E-Mart is Springfield's convenience store. Meticulously recreated by the Department 56 village artists, the final product is authentic to one of the most recognisable cartoon buildings in history.

Department 56 Mutually Assured Destruction

Looks like Bart and principal Skinner are about to make an agreement which will be broken very shortly!

Department 56 Shop Don't Drop Maggie

Marge has been busy shopping for the holidays, but uh oh don't drop Maggie!

Department 56 Snowball Scores A Squishee

Milhouse has dropped his squishee which snowball the cat is enjoying! Meticulously recreated by the Department 56 artists, this accessory is authentic in design to the varied and colourful characters of The Simpsons™ series.

Department 56 Springfield Elementary School

Springfield Elementary School is the testing ground of many pranks by Bart much to the dismay of principal Skinner. Meticulously recreated by the Department 56 village artists, the final product is authentic to the cartoon building design.

Department 56 The Simpsons™ House

The iconic Simpsons House is now available for your Springfield holiday display, and we love it!