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Department 56 Witches Hollow

Halloween is a special time for the Sisters of the Hollow, as they brew up magic, spells, potions and more. Join in the fun, welcome to Witches Hollow.

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Department 56 Agnes The Frog Witch

Agnes the Frog Witch is the one who’s always searching for prince charming, but when romance won’t go her way, results can be quite alarming!

Department 56 Bruce the Frog Figure

Our slimy pal Bruce wasn’t always a frog, he was once a car salesman. He had many girlfriends but got himself into a stitch when he sweet talked Agnes who turns out is a witch!

Department 56 Creature Ornaments Set of 4

The creature crew of Witches Hollow is back in ornament form! They're all here including Lucifer the Cat, Bruce the Frog, Hoot and Holler Owl, and Yin and Yang Bats.

Department 56 Funny Potion Bottles Set of 3

Each glass potion bottle contains a message for the corresponding solution, whether in need of an anti hot spell, an all natural potion or our personal favourite a bottle of boos, these mystical and make belief potions will make you giggle!

Department 56 Hazel The Potion Witch

Hazel the Potion Witch is the sister who loves all things natural, she grows herbs and spices and keeps them in her satchel. She's often found brewing up curing and mystical potions for all manner of creatures.

Department 56 Hoot & Holler Owl Figure

On a dark and stormy night, Mama Hoot and Baby Holler sought shelter from the pouring rain in Old Witch Tilly’s tower. Because of Tilly’s kindness in helping them that night the owls stayed on to help her, to make sure things went right.

Department 56 Inspirational Potion Bottles Set of 3

Whether you're looking for good luck, happiness or safe travels these custom made potion bottles by the Sisters of the Hollow will do the trick!

Department 56 Lucy the Cat Witch

Her sisters say she’s crazy but that’s all in good fun, for when it comes to kitty-cats, Lucy the Cat Witch can’t have just one!

Department 56 Tilly the Tower Witch

Tilly the Tower Witch is the eldest of the Sisters, and an expert at flight, but when the stars are out she's working through the night!

Department 56 Witch Broom Figures Set of 4

These mini witch broom figures show our favourite witches doing what they do best, flying with frogs and cats, carrying potions and no doubt taking selfies of course!

Department 56 Witch Hat Ornaments Set of 3

The perfect addition to your Halloween decor, this set of 3 hanging witch hat ornaments will get you in a bewitching mood.

Department 56 Witch Shoe Ornaments Set of 3

These delightfully quirky witch shoe Halloween ornaments will get you in a bewitching mood.

Department 56 Yin and Yang Bat Figure

Yin and Yang were two brothers, quite different, you see. Yin always a goof, and Yang quite surly. But it happened one day when Hazel was young, Yin & Yang were turned from two into one!