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Enchanted Guardians Fairy Garden

There is an enchanted fairy garden kingdom not far from where you live, where magical creatures of an unusual sort reside. Each day the creatures and fairies of the Enchanted Guardian kingdom work hard taking care of each other, tending to their seeds, collaborating with the birds, protecting tiny insects, and focusing diligently on guarding Her Royal Highness, Alice their rabbit queen.

Recent additions include more enchanted fairies and creatures, fairy houses and enchanted miniature fairy garden accessories. Whether you're discovering the Enchanted Guardians™ for the first time, or adding to your fairy garden village, a magical new journey awaits.

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Enchanted Guardians Acorn

Nibbles Junior, aka Acorn, has been assigned the task of taste testing new shoots to ensure the vegetables and herbs are nice and tender. Part of the fairy garden range from Enchanted Guardians.

Enchanted Guardians Acorn Birdhouse

This acorn design birdhouse features a small balcony, small shiny jewels embedded into the walls, and a charming roof with chimney. Part of the fairy garden range from Enchanted Guardians.

Enchanted Guardians Alice The Rabbit Queen

The Enchanted Guardians Kingdom is governed by Alice the Rabbit Queen. Details on this beautifully sculpted garden figurine include large orange and yellow wings and a flower headband.

Enchanted Guardians Aria Fairy Figure

Aria is a gifted fairy who loves to practice her ballet steps upon the mossy garden dance floor. Aria is a must for your fairy garden and makes a wonderful gift idea for those who believe in all fairy things!

Enchanted Guardians Bertram Fairy Figure

Bertram listens carefully to make sure garden seeds are not disturbed. A detailed garden fairy from Enchanted Guardians.

Enchanted Guardians Blue Jewelled Door Stake

Add this vibrant blue door stake to your enchanted kingdom. Use this door stake in plant pots, or position amongst other unique products from the Enchanted Guardians range.

Enchanted Guardians Carrot and Daisy May - Set of 2

Meet Carrot and Daisy May, the youngest in the Enchanted Guardians kingdom. They are both eager to learn from Alice, the Queen Rabbit as some day Carrot and Daisy may be in charge of the kingdom, and as such need special nurturing.

Enchanted Guardians Charlie Chipmunk

Charlie scurries here and there, warding off danger ensuring the Enchanted Guardian Kingdom is safe and at peace. Part of the fairy garden range from Enchanted Guardians.

Enchanted Guardians Chester Chipmunk

Chester as one of the chipmunk guardians is regularly on patrol in the Garden Kingdom. Part of the fairy garden range from Enchanted Guardians.

Enchanted Guardians Enchanted Garden Trellis

Featuring wrapped leaves around the posts, and a dangling sign this whimsical fairy garden accessory is a must. Part of the fairy garden range from Enchanted Guardians.

Enchanted Guardians Fairy Garden Birdbath and Well

Two decorative landscape pieces for your fairy garden, a birdbath that looks like it was crafted from the cap of an acorn and a wishing well with a pinecone shingled roof.

Enchanted Guardians Fairy Garden Hammock

All work and no play makes for a tired Guardian, so here is a leaf hammock to ensure your Guardians and fairies get enough down time. A single tin leaf floats on the twisted vine shaped supports at either side.

Enchanted Guardians Fairy Garden Lookout Post

Enchanted Guardian fairies use this handy lookout post to keep watch over their kingdom and your growing plants! Designed for easy access the lookout post has a ladder up to the viewing platform, whilst decorative tin leaves help it blend into the natural surroundings.

Enchanted Guardians Fairy Garden Planting Set of 2

Our enchanted fairies enjoy gardening and have the perfect place to store their tools. This hand painted potting rack comes with a tiny wheelbarrow and pots of never wilting flowers!

Enchanted Guardians Fairy Garden Play Set Accessories

Provide leisure activities for your Enchanted Guardians and fairies with this garden play set. They'll be able to test their skill in flowered archery, become a strategy master in garden crochet, or just pass the time away on a fun flower power tire swing.

Enchanted Guardians Fairy Garden Pond

Every fairy garden needs a pond, and this one is guaranteed to never dry up. This beautifully designed stone edged fairy garden pond will accommodate the fairy garden bridge, or use as a stand alone landscaping feature in your Enchanted Guardians kingdom.

Enchanted Guardians Fairy Garden Shelf Sitter

This loyal and caring fairy has just made friends with an adorable lady bug. Place this sitting fairy figure on a ledge or pot in your fairy garden.

Enchanted Guardians Fairy Garden Table and Chair Set

This tiny hand painted table with a pot of posies and two chairs will fit in nicely with any of our garden fairies. Tuck into a cosy corner for a place for the fairies to relax!

Enchanted Guardians Fairy Garden Trellis

Provide an inviting welcome to attract more fairies into your garden with this attractive trellis. Twisted metal wire with patina leaves, makes this a charming accent in any fairy garden.

Enchanted Guardians Fairy Garden Wheelbarrow

This delightful and clever fallen leaf garden wheelbarrow will help your industrious garden fairies go about their daily chores.

Enchanted Guardians Fairy Post Box

Even the Enchanted Guardians fairies receive mail, so make it easier for fairy mail to be delivered with this handy fairy post box. Ideal for placing next to one of the Enchanted Guardians fairy houses.

Enchanted Guardians Fairy Seashell Butterfly Birdbath

This seashell birdbath harnesses magical powers only to those who believe. A beautifully poised garden fairy holding a precious pearl, perched on a seashell shaped birdbath.

Enchanted Guardians Fiona Fairy Figure

Fiona is a sweet and thoughtful sprite, some say she is a favourite of the Queen Rabbit and that she has the greenest thumb of all.

Enchanted Guardians Fritz Fairy Figure

Fritz is one of the Enchanted Guardians fairy siblings and stands guard over newly planted seeds along with Squeak the mouse.

Enchanted Guardians Garden Bridge and Fishing Pole

With a real roped railing, our Enchanted Guardians bridge will span a natural stream in your fairy garden kingdom. This set also includes a fishing pole accessory, ready for use by the enchanted fairies.

Enchanted Guardians Garden Gazebo

Every fashionable kingdom needs a centrepiece, and this wire crafted gazebo could be it! The gazebo has tiny metal leaves entwining the posts and a flag on the very top.

Enchanted Guardians Garden Ladder

Use this garden ladder against one of the fairy garden houses, against a tree, or feature on a plant pot next to one of the fairies. Made from metal wire, it is crafted to look like a vine complete with leaves.

Enchanted Guardians Garden Multi-Crossing Sign

Even your Enchanted Guardians needs help with directions sometimes. This handy and whimsical sign will help point residents and visitors in the right direction.

Enchanted Guardians Garden Wishes Mailbox

Slip a tiny wish into Queen Alice's mailbox and maybe this will bring your garden some luck this growing season! With an enchanted twirled handle, you can hang this mailbox on tree branches, or attach to walls or garden fences.

Enchanted Guardians Goldfinch Frog Stake

Goldfinch the frog is always on alert, keeping the Enchanted Guardians Kingdom safe at all times. Use this stake in plant pots, or position amongst other products from the Enchanted Guardians.

Enchanted Guardians Guardian Post Box

This charming post box allows enchanted mail to be delivered securely for all the Guardians.

Enchanted Guardians Gustav Snail Figure

Gustav the guardian snail rider, brings news of new garden growth directly to the Rabbit Queen.

Enchanted Guardians Heavy Glass Bell Cloche with Base

Use this glass cloche to protect and build stunning miniature displays. Whether using for your Enchanted Guardians display or for small plants, its ideal for indoor or outdoor use allowing you to experiment with endless display possibilities.

Enchanted Guardians Hedgehog Butterfly Birdbath

Visitors of a flying nature to your garden are guaranteed a warm homely welcome at the hedgehog butterfly birdbath.

Enchanted Guardians Imma Fairy Figure

Imma in coordination with Fiona takes care of Queen Rabbit Alice's newly planted seeds, by using her water pods to make sure each seedling gets just the perfect amount of water.

Enchanted Guardians James and The Caterpillar

James & his curious caterpillar take time to read a book in the sunshine while taking a break from his official duties. Place James next to one of the Enchanted Guardians fairy houses or hidden away in a flower pot, either way you'll love James!

Enchanted Guardians Jasmine on Ladder

Jasmine is a caretaker of young seeds & plants. She uses her ladder to climb into garden pots so she can test the soil and track daily growth. Attach Jasmine's ladder to plant pots or other objects to display.

Enchanted Guardians Large Fairy Garden Moss House

This large fairy garden house has a curly shaped roof, almost elf like in style. With a withered mossy look, it is the perfect addition to your magical kingdom.

Enchanted Guardians Lit Tree Blue Door & Windows Set

This versatile set of lit accessories are perfect for incorporating on trees, walls or fences into your Enchanted Guardian kingdom. Set includes one door and two windows.

Enchanted Guardians Lit Tree Red Door & Windows Set

Set includes one door and two windows, which can be easily attached to your desired surface using hooks provided on the back. Set includes battery pack for lighted operation.

Enchanted Guardians Medium Log Fairy Garden House

After a long day's work in the Enchanted Guardian kingdom, the fairies meet up in the log house to relax and unwind. Featuring a red door, cute matching circular windows, it's perfect for our Enchanted Guardian fairies.

Enchanted Guardians Medium Pinecone Fairy Garden House

A resourceful little garden fairy has created her unique and humble abode from a pinecone. With a cute little arched door, circular windows, and small chimney it's perfect for our Enchanted Guardian fairies.

Enchanted Guardians Metal Garden Fairy Crossing Sign

Because fairies are so small, use this metal crossing sign so the Enchanted Guardians will be on the lookout when crossing a busy area in the garden. New garden fairies and fairy garden accessories await you in Enchanted Guardians.

Enchanted Guardians Mini Mushroom Picks - Set of 3

Colourful little mushrooms are popping up all over the Enchanted Guardian kingdom. You may wish to have several of these adorable little whimsical fairy garden accessories.

Enchanted Guardians Mouse in Boat Birdbath

This guardian mouse patrols the narrow rivers and lakes around the Enchanted Guardians Kingdom, protecting its inhabitants.

Enchanted Guardians Nibbles The Squirrel

Nibbles the magic squirrel is a resourceful planner and saver, very handy for the winter time. Nibbles can be seen holding a large acorn which he is about to store safely.

Enchanted Guardians Only Sign

This delightful sign warns that only Enchanted Guardians can pass this point. Don't forget to coordinate with other enchanted fairy garden accessories.

Enchanted Guardians Peace Mushroom Plant Pick

Instill peace and tranquillity in your Enchanted Kingdom with this novel plant pick. Use this garden pick in plant pots, or position amongst other unique products from the Enchanted Guardians range.

Enchanted Guardians Ponder Shepherd Figure

Ponder the ladybug shepherd, watches over the bees, spiders and ladybugs, and teaches them how to care for the growing seeds.

Enchanted Guardians Purple Flower Trinket Box

Store your precious jewels and jewellery in this novel purple flower trinket box. This novel jewellery box is brightly coloured, and includes a sitting garden fairy hidden inside.

Enchanted Guardians Purple Jewelled Door Stake

This magical door is one of the gateways into the Enchanted Guardians Kingdom. Use this door stake in plant pots, or position amongst other products from the Enchanted Guardians Kingdom.

Enchanted Guardians Rathbone Mouse Figure

Rathbone likes to skitter between rows of vegetables, waiting for just the right time to taste the freshest morsels. Add this and other products in the range to your Enchanted Guardians Kingdom.

Enchanted Guardians Red Jewelled Door Stake

This fairy door is a magical enchanted portal that provides entry to the land of the Enchanted Guardians. Use this door stake in plant pots, or position amongst other unique products from the Enchanted Guardians range.

Enchanted Guardians Sliced Wood Large Riser

Use this sliced wood log effect riser platform to display creatures and fairies of your Enchanted Guardians Kingdom.

Enchanted Guardians Slick Fairy Frog

Slick the fairy frog is a true friend in the garden, consuming insects that would otherwise stop the Enchanted Guardians Kingdom from growing and blooming.

Enchanted Guardians Small Sliced Wood Riser

This small wood effect display platform riser will allow you to display your Enchanted Guardians, magical fairies and accessories with style! Add this and other products in the range to your Enchanted Guardians Kingdom.

Enchanted Guardians Spike Hedgehog

Spike the nocturnal hedgehog is on guard in the garden for the night shift, but sleeps in his subterranean rock cave during the day.

Enchanted Guardians Squeak The Mouse

Squeak reminds the birds to keep away when seeds have been newly planted. Add this and other products in the range to your Enchanted Guardians Kingdom.

Enchanted Guardians Stairway Luminary

Light up your Enchanted Guardians Kingdom with this stairway luminary. Made from terra cotta, simply place a small candle inside and allow the light to flow out of the novel window on the side of the luminary.

Enchanted Guardians Stairway Planter

Use this fairy garden planter for new spring flowers, small plants, as part of your fairy garden or even use to grow herbs. Made from terra cotta.

Enchanted Guardians Storybook

This little storybook will help bring the story behind the Enchanted Guardians to life. Detailing all the figures from season one in the collection, discover their role in Enchanted Guardians kingdom.

Enchanted Guardians Tad

Trained by his father Slick, Tad the frog takes his responsibility of keeping the flowers and plants bug free very seriously.

Enchanted Guardians Thorn

Thorn works hard each night side by side next to his dad, Spike to dig ditches for the seeds.

Enchanted Guardians Tree Stump Fairy Garden House

A clever fairy has used a tree stump for her fairy garden house, and used fallen leaves to provide a roof and covered porch. Includes battery light pack.

Enchanted Guardians Tree Trunk Trinket Box

Store your precious jewels and jewelry in this novel trinket box. This novel jewelry box is shaped like a tree, which is part of it's charm and clever disguise!

Enchanted Guardians Walnut The Archer

Walnut is an avid archery enthusiast and is known to be a fine marksmen! He often teams up with his cousins Chester and Charlie to keep the Enchanted Guardian kingdom safe.

Enchanted Guardians Warren on Tower - Set of 2

Warren the Watcher garden fairy uses his ever present telescope to keep an eye on the comings and goings. Perched on a tree stump, he has a great view to enjoy his favourite pastime, bird watching.

Enchanted Guardians Welcome Hummingbird Plant Pick

Welcome visitors to your Enchanted Kingdom with this lovely plant pick. Use this pick in plant pots, or position amongst other products from the Enchanted Guardians Kingdom.