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Lemax Village

Since it's creation in 1990, Lemax and its collections have continued to grow into one of the world's leading and best loved village collectable series. It's focus on new advancements in both animation and production methods continue to delight village collectors. The Lemax village collections have grown from a modest selection, into a large variety of holiday specific villages, accessories, figures and display essentials.

Whilst the traditional focus has been Christmas with Caddington Village, recent introductions and expansion of a seaside village with Plymouth Corners, a harvest and autumn theme with Harvest Crossing, a frightfully fun and innovative Halloween village with Spooky Town and a fun summer carnival range, collectors now have the opportunity to build and experiment with year round displays and decorate according to the season. Once you start your collection with Lemax, you'll soon discover the excitement of adding new pieces to your village each season.

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Lemax Log Bench

Display your Vail Village with ample seating.

Lemax Lollipop Lights

Add these fun lollipop lights to your festive village, for a sweet surprise!

Lemax Lulu's Boutique

Welcome in Spring with a new wardrobe. Stop by Lulu's Boutique for all your designer fashions.

Lemax Maple Hill Farm

Delicious maple syrup is produced locally within the Harvest Crossing region. Two bare maple trees are being tapped, whilst the whole family is helping out at the farm today.

Lemax Maple Syrup Sled - Set of 3

Add extra interest to your winter village with the Maple Syrup Sled Set.

Lemax Maple Tree (Large)

Add extra interest to your village with this large Maple Tree.

Lemax Maple Tree (Medium)

Add extra interest to your village with this medium Maple Tree.

Lemax Market Square Christmas Celebration

The market square in Caddington Village is in the full spirit and celebration of Christmas.

Lemax McGrath Residence

The McGrath Residence is a great addition to any Harvest Crossing collection.

Lemax McIntosh Cider Press

It's apples galore at the McIntosh Cider Press!

Lemax Medium Lighted Snowy Dry Tree

This lighted snowy dry tree is ideal for winter and festive displays. Part of an extensive range of village trees by Lemax, be sure to mix and match for an authentic village scene and look.

Lemax Medium Linden Tree

This linden is ideal for year round displays, and is particularly suited for autumn scenes.

Lemax Medium Village Mountain Backdrop

Add extra height and dimension to your village landscape with this handy medium mountain backdrop.

Lemax Medium White Pine Tree

This snow laden white pine is ideal for winter and festive displays. Part of an extensive range of village trees by Lemax, be sure to mix and match for an authentic village scene and look.

Lemax Medium Winter Elm Tree

This Elm tree is ideal for winter and festive displays.

Lemax Morning Donuts

What better way to read the newspaper than with a box of freshly made warm donuts. Yummy!

Lemax Moss Display Mat

Choose this Lemax moss display mat to display your Harvest Crossing or Spooky Town village.

Lemax Mounted Policeman - Set of 2

This policeman is keeping order in Caddington Village, ready to respond at anytime.

Lemax Mr and Mrs Moose Set of 3

Add extra interest to your village with this sedentary moose set of figures. Includes a snow capped tree, and Mr and Mrs moose.

Lemax Mrs Posey's Piano Lessons

Tucked away in an otherwise quiet corner of Caddington Village, Mrs Posey provides piano lessons to all levels of ability.

Lemax Mrs. Applegate's Bed & Breakfast

You're guaranteed a warm welcome at Mrs. Applegate's Bed & Breakfast.

Lemax Ms. Sydney's Dance Studio

This upscale Caddington Village building features blue and white window canopy's, potted topiary shrubs and two benches outside.

Lemax Multi Colour Lighted Ice Glazed Tree

This multi colour lighted ice glazed tree is ideal for winter and festive displays.

Lemax Municipal Street Lamps - Set of 2

These street lamps include coordinating 'happy holidays' signs attached to each lamp post.

Lemax Neighbourhood Dogsled Team

Ready, set, go and oh dear! Join in the fun by adding this adorable accessory to your Vail Village. Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Noah's Ark Toys

Featuring a boat inspired roof complete with sailing mast, nautical decorations mix perfectly with festive bows and wreaths at this fun toy store. Special LED lighting lights the cornices along the building.

Lemax North Pole Signs - Set of 2

Even elves and Santa need help navigating the vast North Pole, so help them on their way with these convenient signs!

Lemax Nutcracker Suite

A true Christmas classic, the Nutcracker Suite will become the centrepiece of your Caddington village setup. Includes music from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, with stage lighting to set the scene.

Lemax O'Buoy Frozen Yoghurt

Cool down on a hot summer day at O'Buoy Frozen Yoghurt.

Lemax O'Connor's Billiards

Locals of Harvest Crossing gather for a good game at O'Connor's Billiards. This product can be displayed and enjoyed year round.

Lemax Oak Creek Grist Mill

In the meandering hills above the valleys of Harvest Crossing, lies the Oak Creek Grist Mill.

Lemax Olde Fashioned Chocolate Co.

The Olde Fashioned Chocolate Co. has been in business since 1913, and produces nothing but delicious chocolates for all occasions. This animated building is a must for your display, and an added delight for those who love chocolate!

Lemax One LED Light Adaptor Cord

Choose this UK mains electric LED light to light up one Lemax Village series house.

Lemax Outdoor Fire Pit

Add the glow of a warm fire to your Vail Village setup with this outdoor fire pit accessory. Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Outdoor Table Heat Lamp

Warm up and stop for a short break with coffee or cocoa under this heat lamp accessory.

Lemax Parisian Street Lamps - Set of 2

These elegant Parisian Street Lamps are perfect for the upmarket streets and lanes in your village.

Lemax Pet Gift Exchange

Don't forget it's also the favourite time of the year for all our pets too!

Lemax Phat Air

This snowboarder is suspended in the air to create the illusion of attempting a ski jump. Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Pine Grove Lodge

The Pine Grove Lodge is truly a special place to stay at Christmas in Vail Village.

Lemax Pins and Needles

Your locals can visit Pins and Needles for all their needlepoint crafts.

Lemax Plymouth Cyclery

Get your bike or skates at the Plymouth Cyclery, and get exploring! This building is a great focal point for creating a downtown area in your Plymouth Corners village.

Lemax Posh Pets Salon

Take your poodle to the newly opened Posh Pets Salon for a wash and shine service in downtown Harvest Crossing.

Lemax Quality Woodworks

If you need handmade cabinets or custom woodwork, Quality Woodworks is the place to go.

Lemax Red Fireworks

Add the excitement of fireworks to your village display without the bangs! Light up the night sky with this red firework lighted accessory.

Lemax Ride In The Country

On a chilly Christmas morning these Caddington residents are off to visit relatives in nearby towns and villages.

Lemax Rising Star Bakery

Since it's introduction, the Rising Star Bakery animated building has been one of the most popular Christmas buildings. This highly detailed building includes a dough press moving up and down, from which the cookie trays move along a conveyer belt ready for their delicious frosted icing toppings.

Lemax Rocky Cape Historic Lighthouse

The focal point of any seaport village is the lighthouse, introducing the Rocky Cape Historic Lighthouse.

Lemax Romantic Bike Ride - Set of 2

These set of 2 figures are on a leisurely ride through the Harvest Crossing region.

Lemax Rosa's Family Restaurant

Rosa's Family Restaurant is a popular favourite with locals of Harvest Crossing.

Lemax Round Evergreen Trees - Set of 4

These evergreen trees are ideal for both winter and festive displays.

Lemax Round Spot Lights - Set of 2

These spot lights are great for creating lighting effects across your village.

Lemax Rover Takes Charge

Rover's going on an adventure and taking these children along for the ride too! Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Rustic Street Lamps - Set of 4

Light up your Harvest Crossing or Plymouth Corners Villages with these realistic Rustic Street Lamps.

Lemax Ruthie's Dolls

Head to Ruthie's Dolls for that special gift for your daughter or granddaughter will love. Details include a lit inside scene for added interest, shop sign, and decorative shrubs around the building. Suitable for year round display.

Lemax Sal's Shoes & Repairs

Caddington's only shoe repair service gets very busy in the lead up to Christmas! If your shoes are in need of spruce and shine service, or need mending Sal's is the place to go.

Lemax Sandwich Board Man

Busy stirring up interest for tonight's performance of ''A Christmas Carol'', this gentleman is prepared for whatever the weather throws at him.

Lemax Santa Hat Street Lamps - Set of 4

These festive Santa hat street lamps are a great alternative to more traditional styles.

Lemax Santa Street Lamps - Set of 2

Each street lamp is complete with a pair of Santa's black boots, painted gold buttons and belt buckle, and Santa's red hat on top to finish.

Lemax Scotch Pine Tree - Extra Large

This snow laden scotch pine tree is ideal for winter and festive displays.

Lemax Seaside Fish and Seafood Market

You'll be guaranteed the freshest fish at the Plymouth Corners Seaside Fish & Seafood Market. They've got a limited supply of sea bass today!

Lemax Setting Up For The Season - Set of 3

Decorating for the holidays can get very competitive between neighbours battling for the biggest Christmas displays.

Lemax Shakespeare Park Statue

Celebrate England's national poet, William Shakespeare with this new village park statue.

Lemax Sister Sarah

Sister Sarah is on her way to the local church to start preparing for her daily service.

Lemax Ski Racing Flag - Set of 3

Create the professional ski resort look to your Vail Village display with these great flags. Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Ski Racing Net - Set of 10

Create your own ski route with this accessory set. Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Slalom Racer

This serious skier is making tracks, will it be world record beating? Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Sleds - Set of 4

No ski village is complete without sleds! This package includes 4 sleds.

Lemax Small Butternut Tree

Add this small butternut tree to your village display which has received a light dusting along its bare branches.

Lemax Small Linden Tree

This linden tree is ideal for year round and autumn displays.

Lemax Small Marcescent Tree

Add extra winter foliage to your village display with this small marcescent tree which has retained its green fir.

Lemax Small Needle Pines - Set of 2

These needle pine trees are ideal for winter and festive displays.

Lemax Small Ski Mountain Backdrop

Add this Ski Mountain Backdrop to your Vail Village and recreate a mini version of the Alps!

Lemax Small Village Mountain Backdrop

Add interest to your scene with this village mountain backdrop.

Lemax Snack Time

Even reindeers can get a bit peckish from time to time, and looks like this snowman is about to lose his delicious carrot nose!

Lemax Snow Angels - Set of 2

What could be more fun than making snow angels in fresh new snow?!

Lemax Snow Display Platform - Set of 3

Get your village off to a snowy start with this set of versatile snowy display platforms.

Lemax Snowball Surprise - Set of 2

Let battle commence, it's snowball time!

Lemax Snowboarding Breather

When on the slopes don't tire yourself out, take a break and a breather. Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Snowboarding Dog

This snowboarding dog means business! This figure can be displayed anywhere in your Vail Village scene.

Lemax Snowman Street Lamps - Set of 2

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. We completely agree.

Lemax Snowman Yard Light

This happy snowman is the perfect addition to any festive village scene.

Lemax Snowmobile Adventure - Set of 3

This set of 2 figures and snowmobile are a great addition to any Vail Village scene. Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Snowy Forest

We really like this Snowy Forest animated accessory/ table accent to bring extra life to your Vail Village scene.

Lemax Sold - Set of 3

This young couple have decided for a change, and have just bought their first property here in Vail Village.

Lemax Sophie's Sweet Shop

It's a sweet bonanza at Sophie's Sweet Shop. With overflowing buckets of candy and taffy, gumball machines, cotton candy and chocolates you'll be in for a sugar rush for sure!

Lemax Spooky Haunted Birdhouse

No ordinary birds live at this haunted birdhouse, you have been warned!

Lemax Spooky Town 12 Lighted Pumpkin Garland

Add to the Halloween festivities in your village with this 12 lighted pumpkin garland. Part of the Lemax Spooky Town village.

Lemax Spooky Town Agatha's Costume Crypt

When in need for a Halloween costume, look no further than Agatha's Costume Crypt. Packed to the rafters with ideas, a visit here will have you ready for Halloween in no time.

Lemax Spooky Town Airshow

You are cordially invited to the Spooky Town Airshow, whoosh! Part of the Lemax Spooky Town village.

Lemax Spooky Town All Hallows Cathedral

On Halloween night everyone is welcome to the All Hallows Cathedral.

Lemax Spooky Town Are Those Trees Moving?

Did you see those trees moving behind you? No, well they are! Part of the Lemax Spooky Town village.

Lemax Spooky Town Creepy Clown Academy

You're just in time to meet the new graduates of the Creepy Clown Academy. Setting new heights in professional gags, these clowns mean business!

Lemax Spooky Town Crowley Hall

Not for the faint hearted, contact the other side with Halloween séances at Crowley Hall. Packed full of detail, we see through the large lit interior scene on the first floor a séance in progress, whilst the resident butler welcomes patrons at the front door.

Lemax Spooky Town Cursed Tomb

Do you dare enter the tomb to be greeted by the resident mummy?! Part of a short lived explorer and Egyptian theme within Spooky Town, this impressive design features revolving statues and a central door that opens to reveal the hidden tomb.

Lemax Spooky Town Dead Are Arising

Ooooh it's all happening tonight in Spooky Town, the dead are arising. Be warned though you'll want to stay clear of Will B Mouldy and certainly Barry D Hatchet! This fun design includes exterior lighting, and watch as three figures appear out of the gravestones.

Lemax Spooky Town Dreaded Zeppelin

Flying high above eerie airfield, these trepid adventurers are off on journey this Halloween. Dangling below a themed zeppelin, watch as riders revolve around the lit scene below in their flying coffin!