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Lemax Village

Since it's creation in 1990, Lemax and its collections have continued to grow into one of the world's leading and best loved village collectable series. It's focus on new advancements in both animation and production methods continue to delight village collectors. The Lemax village collections have grown from a modest selection, into a large variety of holiday specific villages, accessories, figures and display essentials.

Whilst the traditional focus has been Christmas with Caddington Village, recent introductions and expansion of a seaside village with Plymouth Corners, a harvest and autumn theme with Harvest Crossing, a frightfully fun and innovative Halloween village with Spooky Town and a fun summer carnival range, collectors now have the opportunity to build and experiment with year round displays and decorate according to the season. Once you start your collection with Lemax, you'll soon discover the excitement of adding new pieces to your village each season.

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Lemax Spooky Town Drum Corpse - Set of 2

Halloween is the perfect time for a parade featuring marching corpses! Part of the Lemax Spooky Town village.

Lemax Spooky Town Fright and Fold Laundromat

Resident monsters and witches of Spooky Town need to keep a fresh appearance you know, you can find them at the Fright & Fold Laundromat going for a wash and spin! But you best keep an eye on your clothes as the ragman may well be tempted, he resides on the first floor!

Lemax Spooky Town Graveside Diner

On a remote far side of Spooky Town lies the Graveside Diner. Conveniently located next to a lively graveyard, it provides fast food to all those present and departed! This design is retired so don't delay, add this entertaining building to your Spooky Town collection.

Lemax Spooky Town Grim Railway Switchman

Do you dare use the railroad crossing? You have been warned! Part of the Lemax Spooky Town village.

Lemax Spooky Town Halloween Parade

Be sure to attend the Spooky Town Halloween parade, it'll be spooktacular. Part of the Lemax Spooky Town village.

Lemax Spooky Town Haunted Pyramid

An intruder is in our midst! Who would dare enter the haunted pyramid?! Part of a short lived explorer and Egyptian theme within Spooky Town, an intrepid adventurer has awoken the mummy's within the pyramid and is now being chased. Animated building from the Lemax Spooky Town village collection.

Lemax Spooky Town Living Dead

It's the finishing village touches which make the difference, and this lighted and animated table accent will do just that! With a pumpkin lit tree decorated with spider webs, watch the skeleton arise from its grave in the spooky graveyard. Animated village accessory from the Lemax Spooky Town collection.

Lemax Spooky Town Mimi's Masquerade

For all your Halloween costume requirements there's no place like Mimi's Masquerade. You'll need to wait though, Mimi's only opens at midnight!

Lemax Spooky Town Monster Arcade

Welcome to the monster arcade! This fun building offers monster residents of Spooky Town the opportunity to test their gaming skills across a variety of games. There's even a fortune teller at the main entrance who will gladly look into your future.

Lemax Spooky Town Monster Motorcycle Rally

Monsters of Spooky Town can be very competitive, join them this Halloween for a rally and a graveyard tour! Watch the riders zoom round the graveyard as they compete to be crowned number one and win the trophy. Animated Halloween village accessory.

Lemax Spooky Town Monsters Ball

This Halloween you're invited to a ball, but not just any ball it's the Spooky Town monsters ball! Watch monster and otherworldly couples swirl and rotate around the dance floor, whilst a mad organist plays above.

Lemax Spooky Town Playtime

It's playtime in Spooky Town, watch as wizards and witches revolve around a large witch hat. Part of the Lemax Spooky Town village.

Lemax Spooky Town Really Late Train

You can wait ages for the next train, and then they all come at once!

Lemax Spooky Town Scaring Trick or Treaters - Set of 2

Under the watchful eye of Dad Dracula, his little clown and king are off out to explore the neighbourhood this Halloween.

Lemax Spooky Town Tricked Out House

This house in Spooky Town has received more tricks than treats!

Lemax Spooky Town Vampire Caverns

High above the hills of Spooky Town lies the terrifying vampire caverns. Legend has it that on Halloween night the vampires return, would you dare enter?! It's vampires everywhere! Animated building from the Lemax Spooky Town collection.

Lemax Spooky Town Village Undertaker

Welcome to the Spooky Town village undertaker! It looks like it's another busy night and the mortician needs to wrap up business quickly. This impressive set includes a central porcelain building and additional figurines which circle around on the platform. Animated building from the Spooky Town village.

Lemax Spooky Town Witch Lamp Post - Set of 2

Add some extra Halloween whimsy to your display with these glowing witch lamp posts.

Lemax Spooky Town Witches' Coven

Surrounded by vultures, owls and black cats resting on a large stone structure, a group of witches are gleefully revolving around the lit campfire. Purple lights embedded into the village accessory cast a spooky and eerie glow.

Lemax Spooky Town Zombie March

What a lovely night for a walk! The zombies have arisen around an ancient Gothic building in a remote part of Spooky Town, but you know they are really quite friendly! Watch clear glowing zombies rise and fall through the centre, whilst many more rotate around the platform.

Lemax Spot Helps Out - Set of 2

Spot is helping out the local fireman who's decorating his home with festive lights and decorations.

Lemax Spruce Creek Sawmill

The Spruce Creek sawmill provides Vail Village with fresh cut timber year round. Whatever you're requirements, they'll be able to provide you with a choice of different woods in the size you need.

Lemax Stacked Firewood, Set of 3

Add these firewood stacks to your village for a truly rustic look.

Lemax Starry Night Background

Add a glistening starry night sky to your Christmas village.

Lemax Street Lamp Serenade

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy streets at this time of the year, a group of children take to serenading passers-by with joyful carols.

Lemax Street Pole Banner - Set of 2

Banners up! This set of 2 street poles advertise your Vail Village scene. Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Street Star Banner Lights - Set of 2

Add extra festive light to your Vail Village display with this set of 2 Street Star Banner Lights. Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Sue's Beads & Baubles

Sue has turned her passion for crafting and jewelry making into a business. A long time resident of Harvest Crossing, visit Sue's quaint and beautiful shop to browse her creations and you can also get free beading class. Look closely through the windows and you'll see Sue providing a customer with a free demo today. Part of the Lemax Harvest Crossing village range.

Lemax Sycamores

These Sycamores lightly dusted with snow are is ideal for winter and festive displays.

Lemax Taxi Cab

The yellow taxi cab continues to be one of the most famous and most recognisable symbols of Americana.

Lemax Telephone Poles - Set of 2

These telephone poles look great on rustic country lanes in your village.

Lemax The Pagoda Restaurant

The Pagoda Restaurant brings a distinctly oriental flavour to the dining scene in Caddington Village. Details including a multi-inclined roof decorated with dragons and front facing courtyard. Suitable for use year round.

Lemax Three LED Light Adaptor Cord

Choose this UK mains electric LED light to light up to three Lemax Village series houses.

Lemax Tim's Trains & Hobbies

Welcome to Tim's Trains and Hobbies! This action packed animated building is a must for your Christmas village.

Lemax Tommy's Donuts

What can be more inviting than a freshly made doughnut and coffee? Tommy's Donuts is a favourite with the locals of Plymouth Corners, serving up old fashioned doughnuts by the dozen.

Lemax Traffic Lights - Set of 2

Real working traffic lights for your village to keep order on busy roads and lanes.

Lemax Trixie's Dog Boutique & Pet Shop

Trixie's dog boutique is busy holding the annual Christmas dog fashion show. You can see the keen eyed judges are making their decisions out front!

Lemax Vail Weather and Rescue Station

Will it be sunny and warm, or is there a chill in the air? A weather station is a must for any ski village. Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Village Alphorn Maker

This village alphorn maker provides handmade alphorns as well as all important lessons on how to use the instruments.

Lemax Village Christmas by The Sea Pack

This Lemax Plymouth Corners inspired village pack is perfect for those who want to celebrate Christmas by the sea.

Lemax Village Delicatessen

For a quick bite, grab yourself a delicious sandwich or Panini at the Caddington Village Delicatessen.

Lemax Village Mountain

Create an impressive backdrop to your display with this village mountain.

Lemax Village Red Carpet - Set of 7

It's time to roll out the red carpet! This accessory will set the tone for VIP's and events in your village.

Lemax Village Signs - Set of 4

This set of self standing village signs allows you to conveniently accessorise your village display.

Lemax Violet Vendor

This vendor grows her violet flowers in the rolling valleys of Harvest Crossing, before returning to Caddington every winter to sell them to passers-by.

Lemax Vivienne's Children's Clothes

Vivienne's speciality children clothes shop has everything a growing child would need. From newly born to early school years, Vivienne herself is only to pleased to help her customers find what they need.

Lemax Walking In The Rain

This lady and her canine friend are fully prepared whilst taking a leisurely walk today, with matching wellington boots, yellow raincoats with a hat or umbrella.

Lemax Will U Take Mine Too - Set of 2

Will she make the post?! Add extra dimensions to your Harvest Crossing Village with this set of 2 figures.

Lemax Window Shoppers - Set of 2

Whilst shopping in Caddington Village, these elegant and smartly dressed shoppers are drawn to the dazzling window displays of the stores and boutiques.

Lemax Winter Clambake

Head to the beach this winter, get a roaring fire going and enjoy a delicious clambake.

Lemax Winter Stroll

Add more interest to your Vail Village with the Winter Stroll table accent. Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Winter Walk

The air is crisp and the sun is shining across Harvest Crossing, perfect weather for a family winter walk.

Lemax Woodland Animals - Set of 4

This set of animal figures is essential for any Vail Village display scene. Part of the Lemax Vail Village collection.

Lemax Yellow Fireworks

Add the excitement of fireworks to your village display without the bangs! Light up the night sky with this yellow firework lighted accessory.

Lemax Yellowwood Tree - Large

This Yellowwood tree is ideal for year round and autumn displays. Part of an extensive range of village trees by Lemax, be sure to mix and match for an authentic village scene and look.

Lemax Yellowwood Tree - Medium

This Yellowwood tree is ideal for year round and autumn displays.