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Department 56 Snowbabies

Since 1986 Snowbabies by Department 56 have created a world of inspiring and lovable porcelain figures and scenes. Catch a snowflake on winter's first snowfall, look closely and you'll discover the world where Snowbabies live. You will soon find Snowbabies tumbling into you heart filled with magic, memories and warm.

Snowbabies continue to be one of the most recognisable collectable figurine series worldwide. For over 30 years, Kristi Jensen has been the lead artist behind the Snowbabies collections. She draws inspiration from her own experiences and childhood to bring personality to each Snowbaby. From the initial concept design, each Snowbaby undergoes a lengthy production process before it reaches the consumer. First a sculpture clay mould is created, often much larger than the final piece will be to account for shrinkage during firing, which then allows the creation of production moulds. Bear in mind, some of the more intricate designs may have several moulds for different sections of the Snowbaby, which will later be attached to form one piece. Once in production, the final porcelain bisque is figure is carefully hand painted and then boxed ready for shipping.