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Snowbabies Classic Collection

For over 25 years the Snowbabies Classic collection has inspired and recreated the wonder of precious childhood moments. It's no wonder why so many collectors start their Snowbabies journey here.

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Snowbabies - A Scoop To Soothe The Soul

Ice cream has a magical power. It has the power to immediately make any day a GREAT day!

Snowbabies - Baking In The Kitchen With Santa

Santa has given Mrs Claus the night off from baking Christmas goodies. Luckily for him, our Snowbaby is going to show him a trick or two in the kitchen, starting with frosting some cupcakes.

Snowbabies - Bearly A Knitter

How am I supposed to make a hat like that? I'm bearly a knitter! This Snowbaby is determined to teach her cub friend how to make a matching hat so they can play outside all day in Frosty Frolic Land.

Snowbabies - Bearly Awake

Snowbaby knows to never have a morning conversation before you're Bearly Awake! Luckily for this polar bear, our Snowbaby has come prepared with a mug and a full pot off steaming hot coffee.

Snowbabies - Cat Tails

With their sweet, innocent faces and warm purr's, there's no wonder some of us have three or four or sometimes more!

Snowbabies - Christmas Sweaters

Handmade gifts mean so much more. This snowman is so excited to have received the same Christmas sweater as his best Snowbaby-buddy.

Snowbabies - Chubby Chipmunk Cocoa

Where can one find a hot glass of apple cider? Perhaps a hot chocolate? Go to the Chubby Chipmunk, of course!

Snowbabies - Coffee Talk

There's no better accompaniment to a cup of coffee then a good friend to talk to! Some of life's best chats happen over a warm cup of coffee before the sun has even popped over the horizon.

Snowbabies - Cookie Tester

If there's one thing we know about Santa, it's that he doesn't just settle for good cookies, only the best will do.

Snowbabies - Cookies with Santa

After baking all day, this Snowbaby can't wait to share a sweet treat with Santa. The pressure is on though, after all Santa knows a thing or two about a good Christmas cookie!

Snowbabies - First Love

We all remember our first true love. From the butterflies we got from the simplest of gestures, to the loving glances shared over a romantic dinner.

Snowbabies - Guess Who

The woods can get a little boring so the Snowbabies needed to find some entertainment. And what's more entertaining than a game of hide-and-seek?

Snowbabies - Holiday Hoopla

Have some fun this holiday season and play a game of hoopla! Our Snowbaby has invited their North Pole penguin friend, to see if they can toss a festive wreath over each other.

Snowbabies - Kitty Cocktail

Is our Snowbaby having a Cocktail with Kitty, or a Kitty Cocktail? You decide!

Snowbabies - Laundry Day

Whistle while you work, Snowbaby! You can almost hear the witty banter between Snowbaby and the cardinal as the laundry is hung to dry in the breeze.

Snowbabies - Momentarily Tied Up

If there's one task the Snowbabies are well equipped for, it's wrapping Christmas gifts. Just don't be surprised if they wind up having a little too much fun with the ribbon!

Snowbabies - My Place to Fit Right In

There is no safer, warmer place in the world then being snuggled in between those you love the most. Add a pet into the mix and it becomes even sweeter!

Snowbabies - My Prince?

How many frogs must one kiss before finding her Prince? That remains a mystery. Will one more kiss turn this frog into her Snowbaby Prince?

Snowbabies - Oh Deer, What A Ride!

No snowmobile ride is complete without a companion! Luckily for this Snowbaby, his reindeer friend is always eager to join him for the ride.

Snowbabies - Perfect The Way You Are

When you look in the mirror, you'll discover you are just perfect the way you are. Our Snowbaby is trying to convince her friend she is perfect, and just so adorable with her ribbon bow.

Snowbabies - Puppy for Christmas

Like all puppies, this one is ready to help the Snowbaby put a festive spin on the holiday.

Snowbabies - Put On Your Big Girl Shoes

Our Snowbaby is plucking up the courage to put her big girl shoes on, and show how she's growing.

Snowbabies - Roadtrip

No need for a map just pack your bags, grab your best girlfriend, crank up the tunes and hit the open road.

Snowbabies - Santa's Secret Helper 2016

Santa does a great job delivering presents to all the good girls and boys but he calls on the help of the Snowbabies when there's too much to do!

Snowbabies - Stumped

A game of hide and seek has this polar bear stumped! Our Snowbaby is hiding in a tree stump, out of view of the perplexed bear.

Snowbabies - Sweet Smell Of Success

There's no better way to celebrate a party than with a chocolate cake.

Snowbabies - Tug O' Lights

Each and every tree must be dressed perfectly, and these two Snowbabies are going to make sure that happens.

Snowbabies - Whooo Is On The Lookout

Perched high above in a tree, this owl is playing games with our Snowbaby.